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You can too get drunk in public on days other than March 17 if you take advantage of any of these three drinking holidays that aren’t St. Patty’s Day. Yes, we know in your eyes there are at least 365 drinking holidays per year since any day is a good day to get drunk. But some folks might scoff or start bad rumors that all you want to do is get wasted. You can put those rumors to rest if you schedule your heavy public displays of intoxication on drinking holidays when it’s not only acceptable to get drunk—but expected.

New Year’s Eve. Break out the bubbly, crack open the keg and stir up that scotch as New Year’s Eve is probably the top drinking holiday of the year. Unlike St. Patty’s Day, you have a whole array of booze from which to choose that goes far beyond dyed-green beer. New Year’s Eve also features desperate, lonely women who would do anything not to spend the evening alone, which beats out corned beef and sauerkraut by a mile.

Super Bowl Sunday. Football season also ends with a bunch of desperate, lonely women who have been missing their guy contacts for months, but they’ll have to stay on the sidelines while you’re busy drinking away your Super Bowl Sunday. Although it might not be the biggest drinking holiday next to St. Patty’s out there, it is one of the rowdiest.  Even the military waived its ban on drinking in combat zones for Super Bowl Sunday in 2009. That’s gotta mean something.

Mardi Gras. One way to get real fat on Fat Tuesday is to start downing beer around noon, or even earlier if you happen to be anywhere near Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Mardi Gras morphed into a major drinking holiday somewhere down the line though it was originally a day to indulge, mainly in foods you were planning to give up for Lent. Guess you need something to wash it all down with, right? Additional pluses for this drinking holiday that make it even wilder than St. Patty’s Day include topless women and encouraged, random debauchery. Let’s just see that little green leprechaun try to compete with that.