If you’ve had any length of beard for any length of time, you know quality facial fur requires dedicated grooming. You’ve gotta wash it, comb it, trim it (assuming you’re not Billy Gibbons) and, of course, keep it soft and shiny with the finest elixirs.

Having sported a beard for years while running a men’s online magazine and leading a fairly adventurous snowboarding / bicycling / motorcycling lifestyle, I’ve test-driven literally dozens of entries in this burgeoning men’s grooming category.

And I’m happy to say that one of our favorite men’s grooming brands has entered this fray and pretty much crushed it. We’re talking, of course, about American Crew, which showed it’s as serious about the follicles on the underside of a man’s head as it is about those on top by rolling out a major partnership with Harley-Davidson this summer.

It’s not just, ahem, lip service either, as AC now offers a number of beard-specific products that rock my world. Here are just a few that deliver…

Beard Foam Cleanser ($18): We all know facial hair can get gunky, and this leave-in cleanser is your first step toward a breathtaking beard. The quick-absorbing dry foam gets that bird’s nest clean fast.

Beard Serum ($18): Want your beard to damn near glow with a healthy luster? This lightweight formula features beneficial oils to soften up the strands and make them shine. As you may know from experience, chicks tend to dig that.

Beard Balm ($18): AC’s coup de grâce for the hirsute, in my humble opinion, is this high-quality concoction. First off, it has two great things in common with the brand’s winning pomades. It’s packaged in that smart, familiar little jar/tin and it boasts a wonderful scent—in this case a sort of sandalwood—I can’t stop inhaling off my own face. Perhaps more important, though, it’s simply perfect for taming, conditioning and styling even the toughest beard.

So hey, no matter what your plans this weekend—kitesurfing the Gold Coast, four-wheeling White Sands or rooting for football’s own bearded hero, Ryan Fitzpatrick—don’t let another moment pass without getting your lion’s mane in order. You’ll look better, you’ll feel better and, chances are, things will go your way.