We consulted CEO of August Black and interior design guru, Taylor Spellman to find out what the barebones ingredients are to the perfect bachelor pad. Surely, there are endless combinations and personal permutations to these key ingredients – there’s plenty of desirables left out – but you can’t have a fully functioning man cavern without these crucial cornerstones.

Step 1 Command Center

Spellman says: Every bachelor pad needs is a command center. The command center is a tray or a bowl where you put all your loose change, mail, receipts and keys.

We Suggest: The classic, masculine, oak rolltop desk. Not only does it have multiple, varying cubbies and drawers for your various, keys, cell phones, and other manly baubles, but a roll top to maintain discretion when entertaining. [Buy it]

Step 2 Couch/Rug/Table

Spellman says: In order for a bachelor pad to be successful, you need a couch, a rug and a coffee table. If you have those three items and nothing else, it will look like you are a put together guy.

We suggest: As far as rugs and tables go, you can shop locally and usually find acceptable candidates. But for the couch, you might not be able to find one that is an l-shaped party-friendly couch with fold down cup holders, reclining seats, and a full, queen-sized hide-a-bed at IKEA. [Buy it]

Step 3 Guy Essentials Locale

Spellman says: There has to be one area where the key “guy essentials” are located. And just by it being all in one place, in one container, it will look organized (even if it isn’t).

We suggest: The Man Wall. It’s everything you need, want, or can even imagine in an entertainment system. If these features don’t encompass “guy essentials” then we don’t know what does. [Buy it]

• 42″ Vizio Flat Panel LCD HDTV
• 3 – 26″ Vizio Flat Panel LCD HDTVs
• 1000 watt Panasonic 5.1 Home Theater System
• DVD player with 5-CD changer
• iPod docking station
• 2 – Wireless surround sound speakers
• Live 7-foot sports ticker with built-in computer
• 1 year free service for sport’s ticker
• Full-size built-in beer refrigerated beer keg with tap
• 1000 watt microwave oven
• 2 cigar humidors (holds 25 cigars each) complete with gauges
• 32-bottle wine rack