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You are used to bringing your own beer anywhere, but coming up with manly food items to bring to a Super Bowl potluck might pose more of a challenge. You certainly do not want to show up with non-manly foods, like dainty tea sandwiches or angel cake, as you’ll get laughed out of the neighborhood. You can instead focus on macho dishes that are easy, delicious and keep your reputation intact.


meatballs on a white plate.jpg

For obvious reasons, nothing screams manly food more than meatballs. Meatballs are ideal to bring to a potluck because you can make dozens in a short time, ensuring your manly food can feed several manly appetites. Ground beef is the manly meatball ingredient of choice, and you can mix up raw beef with onion, egg, and garlic and shape into meatballs. Bake on a cookie sheet for 30 minutes at 375 degrees. Slather on your favorite barbecue sauce before baking and baste regularly while they’re in the oven.

Fried Chicken

fried chicken laid out on a white plate.jpg

Fried chicken is another manly food item to bring to a potluck, although the reasons are a bit more subtle. Two aspects of manliness are the ability to rip meat from the bone with your teeth and the ability to successfully eat with your hands. Fried chicken covers both. Get extra manly food points for forgetting about the oven and traditional breading of breadcrumbs and egg and instead deep-fry the fowl after sluicing the pieces through a beer or whiskey batter.


steak-black-bean-chili-plated with peppers.jpg

A thick, hearty chili packed with beef, beans, onions, garlic, hearty tomato chunks and bubbling spices is nearly as manly a food as meatballs. Making a manly chili is easy, too. Simply add all your desired ingredients into a large crock pot, put it on high for the first hour and low for at least eight. Cook it overnight while you sleep, so you have enough energy to ward off all the compliments-and date offers-you’ll receive after bringing such macho food to the potluck.