Here at Made Man, we’ve never been big short-sleeve shirt guys, preferring the classic rolled-up long sleeves look. But it’s summer, and it’s hot, so we decided to try out some short-sleeve options. And three superior shirts completely converted us into bona fide short-sleeve fans. Here’s the scoop…

Flag & Anthem Columbus ($50): This shirt is like the utility infielder of your wardrobe, and by that we mean that it’s about as versatile as they come. Tuck it in for a day at the office, or leave it untucked when you’re chillin’ and grillin’. Heck, you can even wear it horseback riding—that’s the origin of the button-down collar, after all. Regardless of what you’re doing, the mini dot pattern, contrast chambray fabric and tailored athletic fit will leave you looking sharp.

Haspel Gallier Mini Dot Seersucker ($60): Ah, seersucker, that remarkably breathable cotton treatment that’s ready to go right out of the dryer—no ironing required! You needn’t be some sort of southern gentlemen to rock this take on cotton, which is perfect for any summer getaway, from the boardwalk to the beach to the boat. Pair with Haspel’s Tulane Classic Blue Seersucker shorts ($70) and you’ll feel cool, calm and collected from neck to knee.

Otero Sophisticated ($149): Otero Menswear is reinventing how men 5’4″ to 5’9″ style themselves. As those of us in this height range well know, finding clothes that fit properly at the neck, arm, torso and waist can be a real challenge. With Otero, you select not only the style and size you desire, you also input your height and body type (triangle or rectangle, watch founder Stephen Villanueva explain here). The result is a shirt that fits damn near perfect—and garners compliments every time you wear it. In a word, genius. Try it and see.