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Soccer stadiums give clubs their identities. It is the headquarters for every soccer aficionado, loyal fan and casual supporter who idolizes their local club, and of course each stadium can generate a substantial amount of money if the club decides to sell the naming rights to the ground. This can lead to rather silly sounding stadium names that are far from subtle in their selling techniques. In Baseball, grounds have become synonymous with the sport. It's impossible not to think of the sport without picturing Fenway Park and Wrigley Field and the atmosphere that they create, with many soccer stadiums struggling to create the same aura. However there are some arenas that threaten this reputation and would help to elevate the sport, whilst also providing an intimidating atmosphere for opponents who visit. So here are the three best soccer stadiums in the US.

Rose Bowl

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The Rose Bowl is an American landmark that has a long and illustrious history with various sports. In 1994 it generated $43.5 million in revenue by hosting eight games throughout the Soccer World Cup finals, even hosting the final which was won by Brazil after Roberto Baggio almost put the ball into orbit in the penalty shoot out. It is now the occasional home to the LA Galaxy, where David Beckham, Landon Donovan and friends ply there trade and the US national team have been known to also grace its turf, all whilst still maintaining its dignity by not selling its naming rights.

Pizza Hut Park

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Probably the most ludicrously named stadia in existence. Rather than conjuring up images of last ditch tackles and 30 yard screamers, my mind can only muster up thoughts of stuffed crust pizzas and constant refills of diet coke. Despite this, the Park is the home to MLS team FC Dallas and despite being only six years old has built up a formidable reputation. The club use the stadiums intimate feel, to its advantage by making their opponents feel claustrophobic and scared, despite having two ridiculous nicknames in The Hut and The Oven.

RFK Stadium

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Being name after a Kennedy is always going to heap pressure onto a club, but DC United have helped to honor the late great senators reputation. RFK is especially important in the history of US sport  by being the first stadium to be designed specifically as a multi-sport facility for both football and baseball before finally becoming the permanent home for United. Since its opening in 1961 has seen many terrific sporting achievements that include four MLS Championship winning displays from DC.