Most guys do not enjoy the act of buying new clothes. There for knowing three essential outfits will minimize your need for shopping and also allow you to fit into any situation.

The Suit 

If you can afford buying a new suit go for it, and get it tailored because you deserve it. Plus a tailored suit looks pretty bad ass. If a new suit in not in your budget right now then almost every good thrift store has some pretty sweet suits. The key is to find one that fits you the best and that is matching. A bad fitting suit or mis-matched suit is worse than not having a suit at all.

Suit Source

Perfect jeans and Jacket

We are going to assume you have a favorite pair of jeans, but if you don’t go grab a pair and wear them for about three weeks straight. They will be sufficiently broken in by then and then they can become your go to pants for almost any situation ever. Also the great thing about jeans is you barely have to wash them. The second part of this outfit is a little protection from the elements. This is important because not only are they functional it doesn’t matter how terrible the shirt you have on is, a jacket can cover it up and make you seem like you know what is going on.

Perfect Jeans Roundup

Perfect Jacket

Perfect T-shirt and Shorts

Hopefully you have already decided what your favorite t-shirt is because we cannot help you on that one. The best part about your favorite t-shirt is it doesn’t matter what it looks like because the majority of the time you are going to be wearing it no one is going to see you including day light. The perfect match to the t-shirt is a pair of mesh shorts. Not only are they extremely comfortable but in the off chance you are going to be athletic then you are set to go. Plus maybe a little luck from your t-shirt will rub off and you won’t embarrass yourself on the field/court/rink.

Perfect T-Shirt

Perfect Shorts