Every man likes to think of themselves as some kind of builder. As soon as a household chore is requested, these men can’t help but thrust themselves into the situation like a bull into a china shop. They stand above the damage holding a hammer and some nails, and hope there is an easy and safe way to fix the problem that won’t involve injury/death. However, there is an easier way to prove your DIY skills. Why don’t you just make some furniture? This probably sounds incredibly difficult, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Here are three pieces of furniture that you could easily make yourself.

Steering Wheel End Table


Get down to your local junkyard or dump and look around for a discarded steering wheel; wash it repeatedly until you get the smell of dead animals off. Pick up a crankshaft and a flywheel. After cleaning the oil and grease from this equipment, weld these together so that the flywheel is the base of your new table. Secure a sturdy piece of glass to the wheel and there you have it—a brand new automobile-themed table. Just make sure you protect your eyes when welding.

Coffee Table From Reclaimed Wood


You can find old wood anywhere these days. Maybe someone you know has destroyed a shed or you can revisit the junkyard for large pieces of wood you can cut into size and shape, and adjust so you have the base of the table. Sand and stain till your heart is content and add a top to your table in the shape of more reclaimed wood, which you should nail down to make sure that it’s sturdy.

Barbecue with Center Blocks


Every barbecue has an earthy feel to it. You want it to look like it has risen out of the ground from which it stands. There are no better pieces of equipment than several center blocks to cook round. The center blocks can be easily assembled to the height you desire with a ceramic table at waist height from which you can cook your meat. It doesn’t need to look pretty.