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From billiards to trivia, drinking and playing games are two elements of partying that go hand in hand. Seasoned social drinkers know, that when partying with friends you’re bound to wind up playing a few drinking games. There’s nothing wrong with a friendly game of quarters, or hitting up the old college beer bong every now and again. But there are at least 3 types of shot drinking games that you should think twice about before trying. And here’s why ….

drunk guys

“I Never” – This is one shot drinking game you should definitely think twice about. Especially, if you’re the type to spill your guts when you’re loaded. Imagine playing true confessions or truth-or-dare on Sodium Pentothal. That’s the “I Never” game. Each person takes turns revealing something they have never done. Each person in the group who has done it must take a shot. What starts out with “I never failed a test in fourth grade” can swiftly turn to “I never had sex with my high school teacher” after a few rounds. Think twice about who you play with, and what you’re willing to find out or reveal.

beer pong

Car Bomb Pong – Beer pong is a well-known, fun to play drinking game enjoyed in backyards, basements and bars everywhere. Sure, you can get a little tipsy, or even rip-roarin’ drunk after a few friendly rounds of the game. But for the most part, beer pong is fairly harmless if you have a designated driver. Some of the more daring sportsmen and alcohol connoisseurs have stepped it up a notch and developed “Car Bomb Pong.” You play it using the same rules and procedures as beer pong. Simple enough, right? Well not so much when you replace the beers with Irish Car Bomb shots.

flaming shots

Anything On Fire – We’ve all seen the YouTube video where some jack ass tried to drink a flaming shot and spills it all over his face which in turn goes up in flames. Don’t try this at home. The key to enjoying flaming drinks is blowing them out before consumption. Many a foolish frat boy has tried to get around this rule by trying to drink flaming shots with a straw. Such methods are only slightly safer, and you have to be okay with scorching-hot balls of molten plastic blistering the back of your throat. If you play flaming shot games, remember to stop, drop and roll!

If you think you have what it takes to survive these 3 shot drinking games, play responsibly. Never drink and drive.