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A spa day is a great way to treat yourself after a long week. Share the spa experience with your girlfriend for wild and wonderful benefits. Depending on the spa treatments, your body can feel refreshed, supple and limber. The aftermath of a couple spa day can facilitate heightened intimacy in both physical and emotional areas. Just like a workout or an excellent diet offers lasting benefits, the far reaching effects of spa treatments can stretch beyond the sessions. Imagine what this can do for the two for you as a couple. Try it as a fun date idea and gift your girlfriend with matching towel robes. CAUTION: With candles and soft music to enhance a sensual spa-romance, couple spa treatments can prove to be blissfully habit-forming!


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Dual massage is relaxing, sedative and at the same time, conversely invigorating. Decide with your girlfriend which massage to choose from the menu of massage available. For example, Shiatsu is a Japanese based massage that  accentuates and activates pressure points. Swedish massage focuses on relaxing the muscle, and hot stone massage is a healing modality where warm stones are positioned on the body. Barefoot Shiatsu massage does not mean you take off your shoes! While you do,of course, remove your shoes, Barefoot Massage entails a bit more. The experienced  massage therapist also removes his or her shoes in order to walk barefoot on your back.  Some massage therapies include  Reiki (energy healing) or Foot Reflexology (organ healing)  as a la carte offerings. Clearly with such a vast array of massage modalities, ranging from basic relaxation to experimental, there is something for every couple. After the first time, if you find you and your girlfriend like the masseuse but prefer your own massage tools, bring them along next time. Bringing your special music,specifically romantic to the two of you along with your own scented candles, personal towels etc, makes your massage time all the more personal and memorable. Be sure to take home the techniques for those spontaneous home massage sessions and have at it.

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Body wraps are increasingly popular and custom-created to attend to a couple’s needs. A body is a spa treatment where the body is wrapped in a moist sheet, mixed with herbs, healing salt, mud or any combination of the three. Sometimes the herbs are mixed with clay or spa-treated mud and smoothed over the clean bod. Moist hot towels are wrapped over the entire frame. The client relaxes in this steamed cloth wrap of sorts, which serves to detoxify the body, rejuvenate, or sooth a stressed-out emotions. Couples who indulge in this treatment together can also try home treatments. Smoothing  the clay over your girlfriend’s body and vice versa may seem like the least enticing activity. However, combined with knowledge of providing loving care to your beloved’s person, it can serve as a highly erotic experience. Clays come in different colors, and can add a fantasy element. How much fun is it to shower it off together. Try edible defoliates like combination of honey and crushed almonds.

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A Tantric Spa Bath, combined with spa modalities makes it the perfect romantic hybrid for couples. Combine aromatherapy, the use of scented oils to stimulate emotion and  to heighten the senses  as part of the spa tub experience. Sit in the spa tub, with candles lit, oils activated. An outdoor hot tub with the sounds and sights of nature create another dimension of pleasure. Breathe deeply into the fresh air, and if at night, feel the light of the stars. Use gentle yoga positions that foster skin to skin touch. Alternate with facing each other looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Consider massaging each other with eucalyptus leaves. And best of all, no talking! This is sensation communication. Great spa treatment for couples wanting to take the level of the spa experience beyond recreation to a psychic level and bond.