vans half pipe skateboarding.jpg

Guys who are sick of doing all the gushy romantic dates like dinner and a movie, picnics and other sappy girlie things can easily turn the tables to make dating rituals all about sports. No, you don’t have to start bringing her to football games with the boys or drag her kicking and screaming to a basketball tournament. There are at least three great sports dates that your girlfriend will love and you will, too. Unless you want to be doomed to a life of chick flicks and moonlit strolls, you ought to check this out.

Skate Dude.jpg

Skateboarding Skate parks and boarding competitions are awesome places to take your girlfriend on a date because even if she can’t follow the logistics of the “game,” it’s fun to watch! Chicks totally dig watching tattooed young dudes doing rad half pipes, fat grinds and sick bails in a curvaceous maze of danger. Typically, skate events also provide a soundtrack of hip and trendy music and complementary energy drinks from the sponsors. Take your date to the skate park and you’re getting laid for sure.

BMX Dude.jpg

BMX If you’re the jealous type and don’t want your girl drooling over skate punks, BMX is the next best thing. Not the kids you see in the skate parks with the bikes. We’re talking the guys who basically do the same tricks on the dirt hills in full racing gear and helmets. Women get the same thrill out of watching BMX sports as they do from skateboarding, but there’s always the chance that what’s under that helmet looks like Quasimodo. Your chick will love a BMX date, but not so much that she bails on you for a poser!

Roller Derby.jpg

Roller Derby Ahh, the roller derby. Good, clean, violent fun. Not only will your girlfriend love it, you will love it and your girlfriend will love you … longtime! What could be better than watching scantily clad broads beating the hell out of each other? The fact that your girlfriend will think you support equality and women's sports! Again, add killer tunes, alcohol and free energy drinks and you’re off to one rowdy, sexy party with ole girl letting her inhibitions go wild. Someone’s getting a spanking after this date fo sho!