Putting your best foot forward when it comes to your online dating profile isn’t easy. You know you’re awesome, fun and down for a good time, but how do you convey that to thousands of women without ever meeting them or coming across too cocky?

The truth is that she’s probably not as critical as you might think. Sure, she may not love your lame AF bio or shirtless pics, but they’re not total deal breakers for everyone out there. Read on to find out what women tend to let slide when it comes to dating profiles. Then start firing out messages with confidence.

1. Your college degree or lack thereof is NBD.
OkCupid says that only 20 percent of daters think no degree is a deal breaker. More than half (58 percent) simply called it a perk, noting that it’s “nice, but not mandatory.” Only 22 percent of female millennials and 16 percent of male millennials say a college degree is necessary.

2. You don’t need to share all your skills.
People use dating apps to find their perfect matches, not perfect people. Researchers at the University of Iowa say people who are looking for love online are less likely to trust a person with a flashy profile. Instead, your potential new lover prefers someone who’s humble because humble people are considered more trustworthy. In other words, skip the fluff and just be you.

3. Your photos are not as important as you think.
According to a study using Tobii Technology to track eye movements, women spend 50 percent more time reading your profile than scrolling through your photos, so it’s time to lay off the selfies. Women are more interested in whether or not you can carry on an intellectual conversation than your pretty face. On the contrary, dudes spend 65 percent more time scrolling through women’s photos.

Oh, and pick up a book every now and then. Women like that shit, too.

Photo: iStock/Portra