There’s a new article complaining about the tax break that businesses get if they buy a vehicle over 6000 pounds. Originally made for farmers to buy trucks ,the tax law has been used by professionals to buy expensive SUVs. As of this year if the vehicle meets these requirements you can take accelerated depreciation on the first $25,000 and the balance over 6 years. A new law gives hybrid car buyers a tax break of $3150 which is a nice break but still not as good as the SUV buyers. What these articles don’t mention is that the depreciation was $100,000 until last year. Many people including myself rushed out at the end of last year to take advantage of the tax law before it changed. Why wouldn’t I take advantage of it? Our company and myself personally pay a huge amount of taxes so a little return is nice. Another misleading slant of the articles is the fact that these are businesses not individuals. The “green” tax break is for anyone and the 3 ton tax is for small businesses only. Making the deductions equal on serves a purpose if they make it equal for small businesses. Then perhaps they would make a change. As usual the press is attacking and putting a negative cloud on anything to do with rich people and SUVs. Both of which they feel are the downfall of civilization.