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If you don’t know what vermouth is, there are still plenty of vermouth drinks you should be drinking (it’s a fortified wine, by the way). Aside from being used in almost every traditional martini recipe in the known universe, vermouth can be mixed into any number of cocktails to add depth of flavor or cut the bite of harsher spirits. These three vermouth drinks you should be drinking are delicious, sophisticated and will have you nicely toasted without making you queasy.

Vermouth Cassis.

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With vermouth, the best thing you can do is keep things simple. Vermouth is made with herbs, roots and grapes, meaning it has a rich flavor that you don’t want to overwhelm with too many ingredients. More than five or six additives in your drink and you’re using too many different things. Vermouth Cassis is one of the best examples of simplicity in the world of Vermouth drinks. One and a half ounces of dry vermouth is blended with 3/4 of an ounce of creme de cassis and a quick blast of carbonated water is added to fill your highball glass. Creme de cassis is a liqueur made from currant berries, so not only does it compliment vermouth, it also adds more alcohol to the drink, getting you buzzed quicker.

The Superman.

The Superman cocktail

The name alone makes this cocktail a vermouth drink you should be drinking, but it has a unique combination of flavors that makes it really stand out. It’s kind of the opposite of the Vermouth Cassis; instead of being simple, it’s about as complex as you can be with vermouth. Remember, you don’t want to overwhelm its natural flavors. Combine an ounce of gin, 3/4 of an ounce of dry vermouth, 1/2 of an ounce of apricot brandy, an ounce of orange juice and just a little bit of grenadine. Shake with ice and pour it unstrained.

The Perfect Manhattan.

The Perfect Manhattan.jpg

Ah, the Manhattan. A classic cocktail and a favorite of wiseguys the world over. This drink was one of the classic speakeasy drinks during the prohibition era and it’s only gotten better since. This vermouth drink is both classy and cool, as well as being potent. You definitely should be drinking this. Two ounces of whiskey, a half ounce each of sweet and dry vermouth, and just a little bit of bitters are all it takes to make the Perfect Manhattan.

Vermouth is something no liquor aficionado’s wet bar should be without. It’s as versatile as any liquor out there and these three vermouth drinks should definitely be part of your roster of available cocktails at any party. Drink them in good health and serve them in better health. Enjoy!