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Baseball players aren't the only people that go through slumps, droughts, or just plain unproductive periods. Players in the dating game often hit social brick walls of their own. It's not uncommon,for even the most handsome guy, to go through a time frame where he's getting absolutely no play from the ladies. Now, there are two options, avenues if you will, that you can travel while riding this drought. You can sit around and hope for the weather to change. Or, you can be proactive. You can go out, do a social rain dance and get it pouring women in your world again. Here are three easy ways to get out of a slump with women.

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Go to a new place. Here's an idea. If all the watering holes you usually frequent are all dried up, move on to greener pastures. Simply grab a group of buddies and hit a brand new bar, or lounge or a cookout somewhere. Women are everywhere. You greatly increase your chances by simply going to more places. New is exciting. Not only to you, but to her too. Think of the attention you'll get just from being the new, cool, clean, handsome guy on the scene. You're only in a slump if you allow yourself to be in that slump. So, get out of the pen and play ball.

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Do things you enjoy. Instead of trying your hand at the cattle calls that clubs have to offer, why not do a social activity you enjoy; like joining a singles hiking club for instance. Whatever you decide to do—as long as it's a coed activity—you're bound to meet new women there. The best part is, you'll already have something in common with them. Can you say instant ice breaker? Don't think just because you met someone at one of these activities that you're forced to just deal with her. Oh no young apprentice. Some of the best places for random hook ups are the local events and town hosted activities. Did you think that every woman you meet really wants a relationship? Worst case scenario, maybe it'll take a while to meet someone, but at least you'll be doing something fun in the process. It beats holding up a bar while hawking every scantily clad chick that comes through the door.

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Internet dating. For all you former hunters that would rather eat a microwave dinner than hunt down your prey, introduce yourself to online dating. You get half the trivial stuff out of the way before you even meet the girls. You'll know what she likes, hopefully what she looks like (if she's truthful with her profile pic), and your common interests even before you meet her. Originally designed for people to make lasting matches online, you see more and more dating sites being used as seedy alternatives to clubs and bars. Hey, get in where you fit in, right? Sign up for a few and meet some girls. A few cool pics and witty profile info and you'll have dates in no time.