The ratio can be a bit rough at Comic Conventions, but there are ways to hit on a Comic Con girl and become a Nerd King. Just because there’s 10,000 guys to every attractive girl doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. It just means you’ve got to come at her correctly. You’ve got to tailor your game to match the girl. If you can do that, hitting on Comic Con girls becomes easy, and you’ll be Lord and Master of the convention, The Nerd King. Get all your faithful nerdy subjects to bow before you with this guide.

Know Her Cosplay Character. Okay, attractive women go to Comic Cons for one reason: to dress up like a hot character and not be called a slut. It’s a lot like Halloween in that regard. Girls get an excuse to wear  whatever kind of clothing (or almost no clothing at all) they want, and no one will judge them for it, except maybe the judges at the costume contests. Now, when you see a girl dressed up like a half-naked Chun-Li from “Street Fighter”, you may want to talk to her. But it’s probably not a good idea to start complimenting her costume without knowing who she is supposed to be. If she catches a whiff of you just trying to say “Hey, your boobs look great in that costume, whatever it is,” instead of you trying to appreciate her level of detail and love for the character, she’s going to give you the brush off. Get your knowledge straight before you approach her if you want to stand a chance of starting a real conversation with her.

Don’t Be Desperate. Okay, let’s be realistic. These conventions are swarming with awkward, under-sexed males. That means the sight of an attractive nerd girl turns them into crazy zombies, who paw at these poor girls while they reek of desperation. You’ve got to be cool, man. You’ve got to be the opposite of that. Even if you are an under-sexed male, act like you’ve been there before. Be confident, look her in the eye, and come up with something better to open with than “Um…you’re hot.” She’s heard it before. That’s why she dressed up the way she did. She knows she’s hot. So be cool, Nerd King.

Stand Out From The Crowd. As said before, the competition for attractive females at these conventions is fierce. It’d be almost caveman-like, if the combatants were more “frat boy” than “fanboy.” That means this girl is going to have potential suitors hitting on her from breakfast to dinner, and even beyond. You’ve got to set yourself apart somehow. It could be that your cosplay costume is awesome, that’s a great conversations starter. If you can get her to actually compliment your costume, you’re well on your way to hooking up with this girl. But even if you aren’t down with the cosplay, there are ways to stand out. Be well groomed, and well-dressed. Have a good opening joke ready. Avoid tired things, like internet meme T-shirts and such. You’ve got to be fresh if you want to win the hand of these fair Comic Con maidens.



These conventions may be giant sausage fests, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good single ladies out there. If you want to have a prayer of successfully hitting on one, you’ve just got to follow the tips on this list. If you’re not careful, you can go from King to court jester in no time, so pay attention and get yourself together, because you’ve a got a whole kingdom to conquer!