Surfing the beach looking for that special flirtatious technique that can bring more than just a beach girl’s wave? Try reeling her in with these three fool proof tactics the next time you hit on a girl at the beach. Keep her hooked by avoiding the last three. All in all, it’s about the catch of your day.


Flirtation in full body talk. Body talk will always be one of the strongest forms of flirtation known to man. Jeff Goldblum can flirt at any location just by standing with his macho tall, dark and handsome manner. Observe Goldblum in the flick “Independence Day” and mimic. Design a walk and smile to appear calm, cool and casual. All you truly need to do is figure out what moves make her move towards you, but you have to communicate first.


Compliment by a “touch” of fluent speech. Sorry guys-if you walk the walk you must first talk the talk, which involves communication and a touch or two. Slightly compliment her: her hair, her suit, or her name. Don’t go overboard, or your one liners will appear fishy to her. Last thing you want to do is drown before the first wave. Make each word understandable at ear range. The beach can get quite noisy. Skin to skin contact can occur for those hard to reach places when applying sunscreen or lotion. Let her use your services for those areas. Meaning, suggest your assistance. This will open the doors to complimenting her skin, even if her tan feels like leather.


Treat the beach girl to a cold beverage. From where? Your cooler. Prepare and pack a couple of exotic mixed drinks or beer inside a cooler packed with ice packs. The cold drink should break the ice when hitting on a girl at the beach. Take it from a woman, there’s nothing like a man with a frosty Colada offered with a smile.


Don’t, repeat, don’t approach too fast. The sand sticks to lotion, and the last thing you want to do is offer a beach chick a drink right after your feet splash sand all over her arm, leg, or anywhere for that matter. It will make you appear impulsive and impatient. Be aware of the environment around you.


Is she spoken for? Her buff boyfriend could be riding the waves as you watch her laying out on a beach towel alone. Sure, she looks single and in need of a good time, but that may not be the case. And the last thing you need is some guy prepared to wipe the beach with your face. Make positive note of who the second towel belongs to before approaching. Take note of who may be sitting in the empty chair next to her before you advance her way.


Don’t ask for info too soon! The majority of women consider it tacky when a buzzed beach goer asks for information too soon. Get to know her a little first, then ask. Walking up drunk or with a full buzz could cut that line short before reeling anyone’s interest. First, limit the alcohol before trying to hook up with a beach girl. Second, to better understand how to make good conversation, observe Internet one liners that tend to work toward successfully reaching your goal. Once you have an idea of what to say, then choose one of the three ways of hitting on a girl at the beach that best fits you. From that point, the world becomes your oyster.