There’s plenty that’s great about the Nintendo 3D DS. It’s got a clear 3D image. It has an in-built 3D camera (which would potentially generate a wide enough body of 3D UGC to get the movement truly rolling), and it’s got a brand new, intuitive controller. But, somehow – we don’t know how – they’ve done the incredible and made a truly glasses-free 3D device.

It’s got a slider that controls the “3D-ness” of the image allowing the user to push it all the way back down to a traditional, 2-dimensional image (how 2009…), if they so desire. It features an improved control stick which has gotten almost universal praise as superior to the old controls, and the image is surprisingly clear. This is, in part, because Nintendo opted to have only the bottom screen on the 3D DS be touch.

There are no playable demos as yet, but look for the demos to come soon as the rumor is that the Nintendo 3D DS is going to drop some time this coming March. via Gizmodo