Everybody wants a unique house, with its quirks and hidden charms. But very few people are actually able to pull it off. Imagine a house in which you had hidden rooms to relax in. Or a hidden library to help you get away when you just want to read a book or two. And of course all of know how much we would have loved to have a hidden playroom when we were children! Whether you're in the process of constructing a new home, or just interested in the really cool architecture from all over the world, these four amazing hidden rooms will blow your mind!




Now which kid wouldn't love this hidden space in their room? It looks like an ordinary wardrobe full of clothes and shoes and bags. But when you pop open the door, if you pay close enough attention you will see there is another door at the back of the wardrobe. Just push on that door and be welcomed to a whole different world, Narnia. Now if you build this in your home, your kids will love you forever, but be sure not to give them any locks and put a camera in there. Kids can kind of go crazy when they think they have a whole world to themselves!



How great would it be to have a hidden bar in your library or den? Any time you get too stressed out from work, or need a break from the munchkins, just push open the last segment of your bookshelf to find a fully stocked bar, a jukebox, and maybe even a couple of games to take your mind off of things. This is also a great place to entertain friends. You can pretend you're out on the town, and get as drunk as you want– because you won't have to drive yourself home!



A wine cellar concealed by three wine bottles as wall ornaments? Can you say genius? When you have a dinner party you can wow all your guests by pushing on a stone on the wall, causing the whole wall to come forth, letting you go into your vast wine cellar. Its also a great storage place for canned food and other supplies you might need. And hey, if there's ever a natural disaster you can always hold yourself up in there and try to change wine back to water!



Okay so we know bookshelves are getting a little overdone. But would you expect there to be a hidden safe room behind a thin mirror? Well behind this mirror is a safe, concealing a panic room. Its perfect if someone comes into your house or if you want to keep your cash and valuables safe. Its also a good idea to install cameras into the house that send a live feed to the panic room. This way if you suspect someone is in your house you can just go to the panic room and have your suspicions confirmed or denied.