4 Awesome Bachelor Party Themes


If your best friend is about to take the plunge and you're the man planning his big bachelor blowout, you're going to need some ideas. And here's one: something other than Vegas! Here's another, pick a party theme. We'll help you get started with a few fun ones that'll ensure the groom and your friends will enjoy plenty of drinking, hot women, and male bonding. Let the bachelor party debauchery begin!

belly dancer.jpg

Arabian Nights Rock the Casbah at an exotic oasis far away (this could be an actual, far off place, like Morocco if you're moneybags …or just a really decked out nearer place). Decorate the party area with veils, magic lamps, and plush pillows to recline on. No bachelor party is complete without lovely ladies, so make sure to hire a dancing beauty or three to perform a special belly dance for the husband-to-be.


Burlesque Go back in time to the classy days of burlesque shows. Lower the lighting for the party and decorate in dark colors like black, purple, and red. Hire a stripper who can start off highly corseted and covered, then slowly shed down to nothing. Or go the easy way and find a burlesque club in your area–for east coasters, check out Ivan Kane's Royal Jelly show at the Revel in Atlantic City.


Toga Party Will college forever be the "good old days?" The go Greek! Costumes are simple—drape a sheet on one shoulder and wrap it around you; make sure to consume plenty of wine and beer with your fellow friends. Fratty? Perhaps, but that doesn't make it any less fun. Just make sure to get some Greek goddesses to make an appearance too.

shadow bar.jpg

James Bond If you want to play it cool, make your groom’s bachelor party James Bond-themed. Dress up in suits like you’re all a bunch 1960s style secret agents and mix up some dry martinis. Watch the groom’s favorite Bond movie to get into the mood, then hire a femme fatale-type of stripper to come over as a surprise. Or try finding a silhouette dancer (a la every Bond opening credit sequence ever), like those at Shadow Bar in Vegas, for a super cool twist.



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