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Exploring the globe is a much more feasible possibility today than it was in the 15th or 16th century. Now you can book an around-the-world flight, and before you know it you’ll be sipping alcohol from a coconut while surrounded by palm trees. However earlier explorers had to do battle with the seven seas if they were to find new adventures to partake in. This involved months, years and sometimes decades of travel, against dangerous waves and in conditions where hundreds of your fellow crew members might perish. So in honor of those brave explorers who led expeditions into the unknown, here are four badass explorers who you should attempt to emulate.

christopher columbus

Christopher Columbus. The man who many believe discovered America, the myths that surround Columbus have clouded much of the truth surrounding this explorer. But what we do know is that he helped propel the Spanish into an era of dominance that even outweighs America’s in this present day. He led his fleet to the “New World” and was the first to set foot on Jamaica, Costa Rica and Cuba. So your best way to emulate Mr. Columbus is to either board a flight to Kingston or set off on a homemade raft from Key West—but the latter could result in your death.

sir ernest shackleton

Sir Ernest Shackleton. Mr Antarctica, visited the frozen abyss on four separate occasions and was knighted for his troubles. He even managed to successfully travel through the South Pole, an 1,800 mile adventure that saw his vessel sink. But Shackleton and his 27 crew members still miraculously survived. Emulating this courageous explorer would almost certainly kill you, so it might be best to spend a few weeks wearing shorts and being a bit chilly. Or you could just go up to Canada for the winter.

ferdinand magellan

Ferdinand Magellan. Magellan is seen as the godfather of exploring. He had a 270 member crew which he took with him as he discovered a westward passage to the east, overcame the Pacific Ocean and crossed the Atlantic Ocean too, all while possessing the greatest first name of all time. Emulating Ferdinand will mean that most of your crew will die on the journey, so it’s probably best not to take any family and friends with you. However, he sure did know how to pick his destinations with each one being as exotic and luxurious as the last. Just try not to get killed in the Philippines like he managed to.

neil armstrong

Neil Armstrong. Emulating this explorer might turn out to be a tad more impossible than you first realized. Maybe you can tie several rockets to your back and see how far that takes you, but that’s not advisable. Armstrong managed to outdo every other explorer the world has produced by simply leaving the planet and planting a flag on the moon. No big deal. But instead of a ship, he used a rocket. No other explorer’s journey has ever been looked upon with such interest and passion, and because of this Armstrong will probably never need to buy a beer in a bar because of his trouble.