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After a day of showing off your superior stamina on the trails and knowledge lingering from your Cub Scout days, demonstrate your cooking skills with 4 campfire recipes your girlfriend will love. A warm fire on a cool night is just as good as candlelight, and a night of romance calls for more than roasting wienies on a stick. Step up to paper plates and some simple, tasty food that may well help you gain a home run beneath an open, star-filled sky.

Oh So Good Oysters

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When the fire begins to die down at camp, it doesn’t mean the fire between the two of you dies with it. Place a wire grill over the embers. Then, plop the whole oysters directly on top. When the shells pop, they’re ready to eat. Use whatever condiments you prefer to slip these slick suckers down her throat. Just be sure to save a few for yourself to test the age-old claim that oysters have aphrodisiac properties.

Foil Wrapped Trout and Vegetables

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If you were lucky enough to catch some trout earlier in the day, you’re prepared to make a delicious campfire recipe your girlfriend will love. Generously butter the inside of two clean, whole trout and sprinkle some of your favorite seasonings inside as well. Slice one zucchini, one squash and one medium onion. Place everything in a large piece of foil, drop a few pats of butter on the vegetables with a little salt and pepper and wrap the whole shebang up tightly. Put the package directly on the embers and let it cook for about 15 minutes. Unwrap the foil and serve, showing her you have skills she never dreamed of and hinting at more she may discover.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

upside down cake donuts.jpg

Armed with only a can of sliced pineapple and a few plain cake doughnuts, you can top off a spectacular meal with a simple campfire recipe for a dessert classic. Just slice the doughnuts in half like a bagel, place a slice of pineapple in the middle, wrap each doughnut up in foil and cook each one for about two and a half minutes on each side. Your girlfriend will be sure to smile at your ingenuity and reward you with some ingenious ideas of her own.

S’mores in a Blanket

tortilla smores.jpg

Once your meal has settled and you’ve both had some time to rebuild an appetite and the fire, turn to a classic campfire recipe your girlfriend will love. Warm a flour tortilla in a pan until warm over the campfire, toss in some miniature marshmallows and chunks of chocolate and fold the tortilla over to keep all the gooey goodness inside. You and your girlfriend can snuggle up in your own blanket and enjoy the fruits of an easy campfire recipe to top off the night or help you refuel for another round.