Where do you find fresh water? Wilderness. Canada has one of the largest reserves of fresh water in the world. From the Great Lakes up over the Canadian Rockies to the majestic Pacific shore of British Columbia, Canada has got some natural wonders. Canada has plenty of open spaces, but don’t discount their cities. This progressive country has much more reasonable laws when it comes to sex and booze. Vacation up in Canada to get a healthy dose of the outdoors with crazy Vegas-like nights out. Check out these four Canadian vacations every man should take.


Calgary and Banff National Park

Calgary is a cowboy town. Bet you didn’t know that. This mountain city hosts an annual rodeo called the Calgary Stampede every July. It’s a busy time to visit the Canadian Rockies, but if you like to party it’s worth it. You’ll notice the cowboy motif right when you step off the plane and into Calgary airport. After the rodeo event, head to Cowboy’s Night Club for the after party-it’s where playboy meets country. Then, you’ll want to wake up, rent a car and drive 80 miles west on Canadian scenic route number one to Banff National Park. You can get accommodation in the town of Banff inside the National Park limits. You can spend days canoeing, walking, hiking and climbing inside. Picture Yosemite in the Canadian Rockies, but with Lake Yellowstone thrown in the middle of it. Take the gondola to get atop the Canadian Rockies for a panoramic view or take an hour and a half cruise on majestic Lake Minnewanka.


Vancouver and Whistler

Vancouver has been described as Manhattan surrounded by mountains. It’s also surrounded by a snake-work of ocean inlets. Basically, it’s beautiful. You could hop a ferry to Victoria or Vancouver Island to explore these unique eco systems. There, you’ll find rainforests, meadows, beaches, mountains, rivers and lakes. You could stay in the city to enjoy the nightlife. There is an Irish Pub in every neighborhood, and the city is littered with hip lounges, modern dance clubs and late night pubs. After you sleep off your hangover, head two hours up the Sea-to-Sky highway to Whistler resort. Picture a Swedish stronghold high in the mountains of Teluride. The area is littered with hikes in the summertime and world class skiing in the winter time. Either way, you’ll get your nature fix in.


Montreal and St. Catherine Street

Watch out. They speak French in Montreal, so It’s almost like actually visiting another country. Montreal translates into Mount Royal and is named after the mountain the city is built on. The city sprouts out of the St. Laurent river, and the crown of the mountain is a large and beautiful city park. This city has very reasonable laws when it comes to partying. St. Catherine’s Street runs right down the middle of the city and is a veritable strip of bars, pubs, clubs and strip joints. It’s an adult playground. Crescent Street, which intersects St. Catherine’s, is also a great place to party. You may end up preferring this city to Las Vegas.


Niagara Falls

Yes, the iconic Niagara Falls. Half of the falls are on the other side of the border. With looser regulations on drinking, sex and gambling, the Canadian side can offer you vice. The American side can offer you views. So get that passport out, take some pictures of the falls and enjoy some drinking, gambling and strip clubs. It’s arguable that the better view falls on the Canadian side anyway. Hey, at least that sounds like a good excuse.