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A major way to impress a girl is to drive a car she likes, while also choosing one that you can afford to own that leaves you with enough money to take her out on the town. The type of car that suits you will depend on the girls you prefer to go after. Some girls won’t even pay attention to a guy that drives a gas-guzzling SUV, while others might ignore any guy driving around in a tiny electric car. Consider one of these four cars that won’t break the bank, but make sure that it fits with your overall image as a man.



Toyota Camry. While the Toyota Camry might not increase your number of one-night stands, it will definitely show girls that you are practical and smart with your finances. Think of the Camry as a blank canvas that won’t give a girl many assumptions, which in turn, will put her focus on your personality. However, don’t try to be too cool and treat the Camry like something it’s not, with expensive rims or clever license plates, or anything else that will just come across as pathetic.



Dodge Ram. Many girls out there want a man who acts like a man, with stereotypes such as a truck, a big dog, or a love of sports. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should show up for a date with a deer still wrapped up in the truck bed. Luckily, the Ram won’t drain your bank account, but it will give you a step up when impressing a girl with a romantic camping trip. Unfortunately, you might also end up helping her friends move.


Ford Mustang. Due to high price tags, it can be tough to come across a sports car that you can actually own. However, the Ford Mustang is reasonably priced, and as a household name, you will be able to tell a girl about it and assume she knows what kind of ride it is. Keep in mind, though, that when it comes to sports cars, some girls might view the purchase as trying too hard to impress them. Also, when you’re showing off your ride, don’t act like you just got your license, revving up the engine and peeling out like a teenager.



Honda Insight. The Insight is an affordable Hybrid that will give you a leg up on attracting certain types of girls. As a man, it can be difficult to show your sensitive side without coming across as weak. So let this car do the talking for you, demonstrating that you care about saving the environment. On the other hand, don’t take it so far with the environmentalist angle that you end up making her feel bad for not have a Hybrid of her own.