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Cheap restaurants in Las Vegas might be hard to find for losers like you. You lost your shirt at the slots, you’re hungry and can’t afford much. But that’s OK. You can make it a little easier on yourself by heading to one of the locations mentioned below. If you cannot afford any of these places, keep in mind that dumpster diving is quite lucrative. Most Vegas restaurants throw out a scrumptious plethora of food every night.

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Terrible’s Hotel Casino Buffet. With a Terrible’s Players card, you can enjoy a cheap breakfast and lunch buffet or a reasonable dinner. This means you have to gamble at least a little bit first. Yes, you’re a schmuck and you lost at slots already. However, all you need is the card. Breakfast is as low as $3.99 until 10 a.m. and lunch is as low as $6.99 until 2 p.m. The buffet is pretty standard with seafood and steak as well as Chinese and Mexican delights. Dinner prices cost a couple dollars more, but it is still cheaper than the average Vegas restaurant. The food quality gets consistent mediocre reviews, but heck. You screwed up and lost in slots, so suck it up and deal (no pun intended). Low rollers like you may even win something back in the the casino’s renowned bingo room. You can find Terrible’s one mile off the Vegas Strip at 4100 Paradise Road. Call (877) 773-4596 for more info.

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Ellis Island Casino and Microbrewery. Night owls will thoroughly enjoy the fine dining experience of this 24-hour dining establishment and karaoke brew pub. Omelets start at $5.99, and you can drool over those all you want. However, you’ll probably end up ordering the two eggs, homefries and toast combo, or the two eggs, biscuits, gravy and bacon special, both for $3.99. If you’re really broke, get yourself a $1.99 bowl of cereal. That’s only served until 11 a.m. though. After which you can enjoy a turkey or ham sandwich for $5.99 or a roast beef for $6.99. They also make the “panzone,” which is a cross between a panini and a calzone, starting at $6.99 for meatball or sausage. Half pound black angus burgers cost a bit less, unless you want the usual lettuce, tomato and other fixings which cost extra. Yes, you could break yourself here. If you can’t afford beer to drown your sorrows, then pick up the karaoke mic and sing an uplifting song, daily between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. Go to 4178 Koval Lane, just one block south of East Flamingo Road. Call (702) 733-8901 for more info.

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The Village Eateries at New York-New York. If you want a huge selection of cheapskate dining options, this is your stop. This hotel and casino has eleven restaurants with items ranging from pizza to burgers to hot dogs. This restaurant strip is designed to give you a Greenwich Village sidewalk dining feel. This one might be torture, though, when you find yourself ordering a single slice of pizza because you blew your money on slots. For $3.95 you can get six garlic knots at the New York Pizzeria or $4 chili cheese fries at America Restaurant. Entrees at most of the restaurants are $9 and up, and maybe you have enough for a $10 burger at Broadway Burger Bar. None of them are really cheap, but you’ll find something. The casino is located at 3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South, so you can walk there straight from the strip. The general info line is (800) 689-1797.

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Sourdough Cafe. Do yourself a favor and get off the strip. Just off the Boulder Highway is an affordable diner where you can eat steak and eggs and a variety of other breakfast entrees, even omelets, for less than $4 plus tip. You can also find burgers and many more items, but stick with the cheap stuff. Some people even say that this greasy spoon has better food than Denny’s. It’s certainly cheaper. Before you’re tempted to spend a fortune, hurry down to 4575 Boulder Highway or call (702) 951-5800 for more info.