festival crowd

A normal life is not worth living when there are so many crazy festivals out there year round. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you have any life within you, there is a festival for you that you will never ever forget. Face it. Freaks have more fun. While awakening your inner freakazoid may not be that easy, you can fix that problem with just a brief vacation.

redneck games

The Redneck Games. You don’t have to be a redneck to enjoy a game of toilet seat horseshoes, bobbin’ for pigs’ feet, the hubcap hurl, mud pit belly flops or a good old fashioned watermelon seed spitting contest. The Redneck Games began in 1996 in response to jokes about rednecks hosting the Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, and it has grown into a large annual event with 5,000 attendees in its first year alone. The opening ceremony begins with the lighting of the beer can torch. Another ceremony involves artistic renditions of the Dixie song using armpits as instruments. If you’ve ever wondered what bug zapper spitball is, then pay a visit to the Atlanta area in the summer. As it states on their website, “everyone and their butt crack is welcome—even Yankees.” All it takes is five bucks to get in.

Roswell UFO Festival

Roswell UFO Festival. An alleged UFO crash in 1947 put the little New Mexico town of Roswell on the map for both UFO enthusiasts and skeptics. The downtown UFO Museum hosts an annual four day extravaganza of speakers, a parade, an alien costume contest for pets and humans and live music. While the Redneck Games doesn’t allow pooches, the UFO Festival encourages you to dress Fido up as your favorite extraterrestrial and maybe win a prize for it. Head to New Mexico in July and be ready for some twisted conversations.

oregon country fair

Oregon Country Fair. For those seeking meaningful alternatives to pig contests and prizes for the farmer with the largest zucchini, a little town 13 miles west of Eugene, Oregon may have what you’re looking for. The Oregon Country Fair in Veneta, Oregon seeks to inspire a culture of creativity and sustainability through performance arts and cooperative principles. The fair began in the freaky and tumultuous year of 1969 to raise funds for an alternative school. Since then, it has attracted the likes of performers such as psychedelic clown Wavy Gravy and Bhagavan Das, the devotional Hindu singer who turned on “Be Here Now” author Ram Das to a life of turning on. This crazy festival occurs every July. There is one drawback. Due to increasing popularity, be ready to feel like a cow in a herd as you travel shoulder to shoulder from stage to stage. Also, be ready for influxes of mysterious flash mobs of masked people and giant puppets spouting strange poetry.

Frozen Dead Guy Days. Just a few miles west of Boulder, Colorado lies a quaint little mountain town full of hippies, back to the landers, European ski tourists and mind blowing conversations about Halliburton and lizard-like extraterrestrial earth rulers over lattes and microbrews. If you’ve been there, there is no wonder why Nederland is the home of a crazy festival with a mission to celebrate a cryogenically frozen Norwegian carcass. Grandpa Bredo became a world traveler after his 1989 death in Norway, making his way to Oakland, California before moving in with his daughter and grandson in Nederland, his current home. The winter festivities include Grandpa’s Mall Crawl, the Frozen Salmon Toss, coffin races and the Grandpa’s Blue Ball Dance. If you get itchy feet in late winter, get yourself to this gruesome and fun filled festival.