Dancing in public is tricky business. The best of the best draw crowds wherever they are, earning cheers and the adulation of women. The worst of the worst draw scorn and lamentations, and sometimes crowds, but for all the wrong reasons. That’s why it’s important to have a few staples in your repertoire. These are good, effective, and simple moves that will allow you to step onto the dance floor without punching your ticket for Loserville. How many do you need to know? How about four, such as the four on this list of dance moves you definitely need to know!


1. The Nod and Snap – It’s as basic as basic gets. But you know the crazy part? This “move” is actually brilliantly effective. Seriously, it’s almost like the less that you do, the cooler you look. It’s a great solo move as you cruise the dance floor, nodding in time and casually snapping a finger in time with the beat. It’s not as rude as bumping into strange women with your crotch, so it’ll get points from the opposite sex for tact, and you’re guaranteed not to make an idiot out of yourself.



2. The Spin and Dip – For close-up slow-dancing with your partner, you need to move beyond the old “hold on and move in a circle” technique you learned back in middle school. Ladies love the “spin and dip,” but you have to do it right. The spin is deceptive, because human arms don’t spin freely like a top. You also have to be ready for the dip, because if you’re not you end up with a “spin and drop, and possible concussion.” Practice it, get it right.



3. The Two-Step – You’re ready to move on to a more active dance move for the clubs than the old “nod and snap,” but you’re nervous. Welcome to the “two-step.” It’s easy: one step to the left, one back to the right. Hence, “two-step.” But, it’s variable in almost infinite ways, and someone with rhythm and style can make the “two-step” seem like much more With some hip swagger, clapping, spinning, dropping, and popping, you can become a demon on the dance floor, and you’ll look like someone who actually know what he’s doing.



4. The Lift and Spin –  Another great couples move, this trick is also variable in its complexity. The key though, no matter how you do it, is to make the lift appear effortless, the spin to be fun, and for all of it to happen in time to the music. You can opt for the easy move ad hoist your partner up by her waist and give her a quick twirl, or go all out and combine the “spin and dip” with a grab of the wrists for a wild spin around the floor to some fast, up-tempo music. Just remember the key: don’t labor on the lift. No woman wants to feel someone struggle to lift her.