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Not everyone can be a trained dancer. And for the purposes of getting down in a club, you don’t have to be. Men tend to think too much when they dance,which gives them a rather stiff, and well, unnatural appearance on the dance floor. Stiff Zombie-like movement is only cool in horror flicks and a certain Michael Jackson music video. Sure, some women equate the way you move on the dance floor to the horizontal dancing in the bedroom. Sure, you have to know how to dance to get any play at a club. But, obsessing over dancing will get you nowhere fast. All you need are these four dancing tips that make cutting a rug easy, and you’ll be sure that you won’t dance your way OUT of the bedroom.



The first thing you need to do is chill out. Don’t worry about doing some complex choreographed maneuvers in the middle of the club. Here’s a little secret. Those dorks that come and show off in a club aren’t going home with anybody either. So forget about mirroring those clowns. Get out of your own head and get a girl to dance with you first. Worry about the technique later.

The beat.


Rhythm and dancing all have to do with the beat of the song you’re dancing to. Listen to the bass line to know when to move. The bassline is the hardest repetitive beat in a song. Move to that beat, and don’t worry about the rest of the music in the song. A simple two step, i.e. stepping from side to side in rhythm, is all you’ll need. Don’t bother moving your arms around in some ridiculous motion. Save that for the dorks in music videos. But, don’t keep them flat to your sides either. Simply hold them in a relaxed yet proactive manner moving them to the beat as well. Snapping your fingers lightly will help with you keeping up the rhythm. Oh, also, get your hips involved. No crazy stripper like gyrating. Save that for a personal g-string clad performance for the girl after you get her home. Women like a guy that can move his hips. Simple swaying motions, nothing too fancy.

Your partner. 

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Let her lead. There’s not a woman alive that doesn’t think she can move… even though some of them suffer from the same issues you have. But, here’s the beauty of dancing. It’s not how well you can dance on your own, it’s how well you can keep up with her. So, let her lead, and keep up. Remember,at her foundation, she’ll be moving to that baseline beat. You move to her rhythm. Be free, be flexible. Show her that she can’t work you out on the dance floor. Oh and for Pete’s sake, don’t think about it too much, or you’ll look like you’re thinking about it… and it won’t look good.

Have fun.

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This is important. If you can’t have fun, there’s no point to dancing. If you’re trying too hard, it’s going to show. You’ll be stiff and almost robotic, which is only cool if you’re doing the robot. Which, in itself, isn’t a cool dance anyway. Seriously though, don’t take dancing too seriously. Girls like guys that can be loose, so don’t be so uptight. Just have a good time. Spend more time paying attention to her and worry less about the moves.