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Getting drunk is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic week at work. Sometimes an evening of beer, tequila and cider is the best way to release your frustrations. Just remember, being in a drunken state can lead to you being in the prime position to receive a torrent of abuse from your friends. This can range from the hilarious to the borderline sadistic. But if you find your friends in this condition instead, the temptation to prank them might be too much to resist. So to help you on your way here are four drunk pranks that everyone should pull on their friends.

pretty lady drunk prank

Change their gender. Picture the scene. Your friend has passed out in a drunken stupor. A nude Angelina Jolie requesting an intimate relationship couldn’t wake him. Want to really humiliate him? Apply lipstick, eye liner, mascara and possibly even a dress. When he wakes up, his new womanly appearance will surely teach him the error of his ways.

The exploding bottle. Another popular piece of abuse you can pull during a night of drinking is to smash the bottom of your glass or bottle on the top of your friend’s bottle, resulting in the remnants of their drink exploding from within. This prank will bring instant laughs for you and your friends as the culprit is showered in a drink that probably cost him an extortionate amount of money. Classic!

steal drunk friend wallet

Rob your friend blind! When you begin to realize that your friend is drunk beyond repair, the easiest prank to pull is to just steal. This can be as simple as tapping your friend’s shoulder and stealing his phone or wallet when he looks away. You can take this prank to extreme levels by taking your friend’s keys and moving his car or locking him out of his house. The latter may be a bit of a push though. That’s just cruel.

Simply … leave. The simplest yet most effective drunk prank to pull on your friends is to just leave. You and the rest of your party simply walk away from your friend and leave him alone in the bar or pub, either too ashamed or furious to try and find you. This prank does come with an extra warning though, as it could result in the loss of a close friend, depending on their reaction. But all is fair in love and drunken pranks.