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When it comes to serving mixed drinks on special occasions, there’s nothing better than French cocktails. Especially when it comes to impressing a special lady friend, just about anything French does the trick; plus, a great cocktail will really help set off that cultured and sophisticated image you are trying to cultivate. So, it’s a win-win no matter what. Here are the four French cocktails we guarantee will intoxicate her with more than just their alcohol content.
The French 75.

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This is perhaps the oldest and best known French cocktail. Its origin dates back to the WW I period, as it draws its name from a French field rifle used during the era. It’s a simple drink, but it goes down smooth and it can be mixed in large batches for gatherings. This one is sure to be a hit. Blend equal parts sugar and water, a shot of gin, a squeeze of lemon, and top it with champagne. Garnish with an orange slice.
The Black Rose.

The Black Rose.jpeg

This fruity, yet understated drink is awesome. Aside from its cool name, it looks great in your glass and has a depth of flavor that is unrivaled. As far as French cocktails go, this drink is without equal. Drink slow and savor this one, it’s worth it. To make it, mix together 2/3 oz. each of Parfait Amour, gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup, then add pineapple juice. Spritz in some soda water, shake and pour.
The French Martini.

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Everyone likes a good martini, right? This one may be the best. This drink is sophistication in a glass, and its deep red color lends it a unique appeal. What makes it special? It’s the Chambord. By adding a liquer to a traditional clear spirit, you add a new dimension to the traditional martini recipe. In a shaker, combine 1 1/2 oz. of vodka, 1/4 oz. of Chambord, and 1/4 oz. of your choice of fruit juice. Shake until the ingredients froth, and pour over ice.

The Red Lion.


It’s a blend of orange, lemon, gin and Grand Marnier. The end result is light and sweet, without being syrupy and it leaves behind a fresh, clean aftertaste. It’s easy to make, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser. To make it, mix together two parts Grand Marnier and gin, then add one part each of orange juice and lemon juice. Shake well.