ginger ale cocktail

Ginger ale isn’t a beverage to be consumed only when you’re feeling a little queasy. A crisp, refreshing ginger ale is a perfect mixer for cocktails. It’s neutral enough to work with different types of spirits but has that distinctive bite that will bring your booze to the next level. These four ginger ale-based cocktails are perfect for any occasion and they might even make you feel good when you’re feeling under the weather.

moscow mule

Moscow Mule Let’s start off the list with the mother of all vodka-based cocktails—Moscow MuleThe name comes from the base spirit in the cocktail (vodka) and how it is generally regarded as a Russian spirit. It was extremely popular during the late 1940 and 1950s despite the Red Scare! The original recipe for Moscow Mule consists of Russian vodka, lime juice and ginger beer. However, ginger ale works really well as a substitute for ginger beer and we don’t think Russians will get upset if you use another country’s vodka. Moscow Mule is served in a copper cup, but if you’re in a bind you can use a highball glass. Moscow Mule is an old school cocktail that is perfect for a “Mad Men”-themed party or when you want to feel a little bit classy.

jack and ginger cocktail

Jack and Ginger This is a traditional and simple cocktail. Jack and Ginger is just one part Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and three parts ginger ale. It’s really hard for a ditzy bartender to screw this one up and a quick cocktail to order when the bar is packed. This is a tasty, no frills way to utilize ginger ale as a mixer, plus there’s Jack Daniels in there so you don’t have to worry about your manhood.

cape codder punch

Cape Codder Punch This cocktail is a little lady friendly, but we like that. Cape Codder Punch is like the Cape Codder (a.k.a vodka and cranberry) with an added bonus of ginger ale. This gives a nice, fizzy feel to the standard Cape Codder and it is the perfect cocktail to make for a summertime bash or if you want to enjoy something sweet after a long day at work. Just don’t stick an umbrella in it.

cloudy sky gin cocktail

Cloudy Sky Who says you need a whole bunch of different juices, spirits and ingredients to have a tasty cocktail? Cloudy Sky is another simple and tasty cocktail that is only made up sloe gin, lime juice, ginger ale and ice.