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When people think of guerrilla warfare, they usually think of small skilled mobile forces used to combat a much larger foe. Examples of guerrilla warfare and tactics can be seen throughout the Earth’s history. Certain revolutionary figures like Che Guevara, or Sun Tzu employed these military tactics on the battlefield. In 2011, American special forces are in fact guerrilla groups just as their direct opposition, certain terrorist factions, are the same. But, step away from the gruesome, bloody, scenarios that talks about war seem to conjure up. Did you know that some of the very same tactics used in guerrilla warfare can be applied to something much more enjoyable? That’s right, you can use these tactics in your own relationships.

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Arousing and organizing.  In guerrilla warfare, one of the chief tactics is to educate the masses of down trodden people. The people are then educated and organized to effectively become a part of the revolutionary cause. Translating this into the world of relationships isn’t all that difficult. Instead of arousing the people, you’re going to be arousing her senses and emotions. Instead of organizing the people, you’ll be training and organizing her thoughts. Get it? You’ll systematically be showing her how different you are from the other jerks in her life. Spend your time separating yourself from the wolves, or at least get a sheep outfit that fits.

Establishing bases. In war, this is all about finding prime real estate to carry out your operations. In relationships, think of this as more of the establishment of sticking points in her mind. This is the creation, and nurturing of a bond with her. Without sounding too soft, it’s the display of all your good qualities that would make her want you as a mate. Think of it as wearing your best pair of pants and shirt, and clean shoes… but mentally, and in the things you do for her.

Achieving unification. Now, this is pretty self explanatory in the world of guerrilla warfare. Simply put, it’s the unification of the organized masses so they’re all clearly fighting for the same thing. In a relationship, this means taking that next step from the courting period. When you’re courting, the girl is still fair game. If you’re in to her, you want to get her off the market. This would be the “unification” process. This is basically the step in a relationship where she reaches the realization that you are the guy she wants, thus, pushing away all other potential suitors. She’s going to do all your work for you at this point. There’s no need to physically remove any threats to your claim, because she will. In any revolution, the people are the ones to oust the opposition, not the guerrillas. The guerrillas just sold the idea. And like any sales man, you want the customer to believe that THEY are the one that made the decision to buy.

The incorporation of Guerrilla forces into the main army. This is the final stage. In warfare, the guerrilla units have become a part of the main armed forces. They have proven their usefulness and are a most important element in turning the tides of war. Revolutions are only successful, according to Mao Tse-tung, when Guerrillas have reached this status, have become this organized. As far as relationships go, this is the point where “I can’t live with you” gets thrown around. Once you’ve gotten to this point, you’re in there. Just don’t mess it up by leaving the toilet seat up and leaving tire tracks in your boxers.