halloween date couple

No matter what part of the country you live in, there are four Halloween dates you should plan. Halloween doesn’t seem like a particularly romantic holiday, but if you play your cards right and plan the right type of date, you and your girl will be laughing and having a great time together before you know it. The trick to spectacular Halloween dates is always making sure you have an excuse to be close to each other.

Go on a haunted hay ride. A haunted hay ride should definitely be a part of your Halloween date. On the ride, you and your girl can snuggle close together to combat the chilly night air. Put your arm around her and bring her in even closer, and when your date is startled, she’ll be likely to cling to you more, making you seem like her protector—a great role to have!

pumpkin carving couple

Carve a pumpkin. This might sound like a lame Halloween date to plan, but it can actually be a lot of fun. Have everything ready when your date arrives. Make jokes about the slimy innards and keep the laughter and playfulness going. Then, let her help pick out the design for the pumpkin and get carving. You’ll have something you created together when the date is over, which will make you seem like a closer couple.

Attend a costume party and wear matching outfits. Matching your Halloween costume to your date’s is a great way to establish yourselves as an adorable, well paired couple. To make this date even better, let the girl choose the matching outfits. Feeling silly in the costume she picks is a small price to pay for how far it will take your relationship.

watch a scary movie

Bring your date to a scary movie. Local movie theaters often run classic Halloween movies during the month of October. Bring your date to one of these scary flicks, and you’ll enjoy two hours of snuggling close as she clutches your sleeve and rests her head on your chest. Once the movie is over, bring her back to your place for some real snuggling and let the Halloween date really heat up!