Fashion Timeline

History can teach us many things. The successes and failures of the past can help guide out behavior and we can also build upon things that those who came before us have built. And with so much shared history among us, there’s no shortage of important lessons to be learned. But guess what? There’s something even greater to be gleaned from out historical forefathers: style. Yes, fashion, how to dress, call it what you will. It all boils down to style. Which styles should you lift from history? Our guide to the Four Historical Figures Whose Style You Should Steal has your answers!


Vladimir Lenin

1. Vladimir Lenin – Ah, Russia. Or the USSR, in certain historic contexts. One of the true progenitors of what was to be called the Soviet Republic, the old Bolshevik Vlad Lenin had a sharp style that is begging to be emulated. One of the signatures of his look is the bald head and the neatly trimmed beard, with a pointed goatee accent. Its severity is its appeal, and when coupled by the clean lines of a sharply tailored suit, this is a style that exudes confidence, competence, and powers. Power to the people.


Al Capone

2. Al Capone – “Scarface” himself, Capone was a sharp dresser. Mobster extraordinaire and Chicago crime boss, Capone could afford to dress however he wanted. The look h favored was unmistakably masculine, as it needed to be in his world, but with a stylistic dash of panache. He added accents that seemed to say, “Yeah, I’ve done some bootlegging. What of it?” Tailored suits are key, but accessories such as hats, scarves, and other finery are musts to pull off the Capone.


Theodore Roosevelt

3. Teddy Roosevelt – Turn-of-the-century president Theodore Roosevelt was know specifically for his vigor, his zest for living. While in the office of president, he of course dressed as a man fit to serve his country. But in his years previous and after his service, Teddy was an active man, and he dressed the part. You should do the same. After all, you’re a fit guy, so show it off! For an outdoorsman such as yourself, the hiker’s look, complete with shorts and boots, is guaranteed to appeal to other like-minded individuals. And that’s what style is about, isn’t it?


Abraham Lincoln

4. Abe Lincoln – In case you haven’t noticed, Abe Lincoln is hot right now. Honest Abe is smokin’, actually. Some movies, including an Academy Award nominee and a flick in which Abe hunts vampires, are popping up everywhere. It’s time the man got his stylistic due. Abe favors the classic lines of black and white suits, crisp dress shirts, suspenders, and patent shoes. Of course, the hat and beard may be a bit much, but you can’t go wrong with the dignity of Abe’s trademark style!