Sometimes, things are left in the past for a reason. For instance, castor oil isn’t exactly a popular remedy for ailments, and that’s a good thing. The telegraph has also faded out, and that’s also probably for the best. But sometimes, we humans discard things that have value. We throw away and bury great artifacts, and unless someone makes a push to revive them, they may remain buried. And sadly, some historical styles of dress have gone by the wayside. But now it’s time to bring them back with these Four Historical Styles that are due for a comeback!



1. The Untouchable – Fighting organized crime in the early and middle parts of the 20th century had its share of bumps in the road, like the potential hail of gunfire that may come your way. But it had perks too, For instance, cool style. Those G-Men from “The Untouchables,” now they know how to dress. Suits, fedoras, wing tips, matching, ties, and the piece that capped it all off: a trench coat. Really, nothing is cooler than a trench coat when paired with a sharp outfit.



2. The Newsboy – You remember the newsboy, don’t you? “Extra, Extra, read all about it!” and all that jazz. Those kids were unique with their style, and their look is due for a revival. A slouch hat, suspenders over a rolled-sleeve shirt, brown trousers, and loafers complete a look that is pure magic. Go ahead, try it on. Something about that shirt/suspender combo just makes a man a better man. A super man. A newsie, even.



3. The Gatsby – The Roaring Twenties. Ain’t we got fun, the Charleston, piles of new money, and above all – style . No one personified the style at the time better than one man. His name? Gatsby, of F. Scott Fitzgerald fame. Take a look at the movie, read the book, do what you have to, but whatever you do, emulate the Gatsby. Become the Gatsby. The man was impeccably dressed for any occasion, with tasted beyond reproach. The best look? Perhaps the dinner party tuxedo, tailored to perfection.


Michael Kors

4. The Michael Kors – Okay, so maybe this isn’t quite a historical look yet. But Michael Kors had been rocking it for so long, it should count. And this style has worked the whole time for one reason – simplicity. A simple black sport coat, black cotton shirt, dark denim jeans, and black dress shoes combo is appropriate for virtually any event. You can wear it at fancy dinners, meetings, holidays, parties, out on the town…anywhere. It’s class and clean but casual enough to be fun. Michael’s look has survived this long, and here’s hoping that history is kind and it lives forever.