Getting friends together to have a party and watch a horror movie or three is a great way to spend an evening, as it will undoubtedly lead to jumps, laughs and thrills, and ultimately, a lot of drinking. Rather than swill beer or some cheap trash can punch like the high school kids who get gutted in slasher movies, make some original horror movie themed cocktails that are not only strong and delicious, but keep with the theme of the fun, frightening evening.


“The Shining” Jack Go Crazy. In step with Stanley Kubrick’s horror film “The Shining”, a lot of Jack Daniels whiskey, a splash of coke, some sweet and sour and a cherry is a great way to make the most of a horror-themed cocktail while you watch this particularly frightening film. Just keep the bats and axes locked up if you’ve had more then one of these per viewing.


The Head Spinning Exorcism. In honor of one of the scariest horror films “The Exorcist”, a green drink that makes your head spin (figuratively of course) is in order. Mix ice, midori and lemonade to make a greenish and delicious liqueur cocktail that you can down while the movie becomes more and more frightening. Just make sure you can keep it down by the pea soup scene.


The Devil Inside for “Rosemary’s Baby”. “Rosemary’s Baby” is about a woman giving birth to a devil baby, so there’s no reason the drink you are having shouldn’t feel like a devil baby as well. Make spicy bloody Mary shots with tequila, Tabasco sauce, bloody Mary mix, pepper and a small piece of bacon in each. Do one of these every time Mia Farrow freaks out.


Drunk Pumpkin Punch for “Halloween”. Michael Myers’ classic slasher film deserves a cocktail that reflects the fun and flavor of the season, but with a serious bite. Use a half gallon of apple cider, a fifth of dark rum and one to three bottles of ginger beer, depending on how strong you want it to taste. Put it in a hollowed out pumpkin to add a bit more of that subtle pumpkin taste and to make it easy to serve to guests while you watch the Myers kid go crazy again.