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Gone are the television days when matronly Julia Child presided over crepes, smoked ducks, livers and escargot. Gone are the days when mostly men dominated cook television. BAM! Bye-bye, Emeril. Bye-bye, Martha Stewart! Today’s TV female chefs are smokinhot and spicy. Enticing more than a culinary palate, here are four lovely flesh-for fantasies. Check em’ out.

padma lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi – The co-host of “Top Chef” with Tom Colicchio is not only hot-she’s stunning. Tall, dark and gorgeous, Lakshmi once entered the outdoor cooking arena astride a horse. As she rode in, sensual and sultry as if in a dream, male chefs on the show were left panting for water and visibly cursing the luck of the ignorant horse. Technically not a chef on the TV show “Top Chef”, she remains a visual kitchen icon. She also has the rare quality of being genuine and empathic combined with the devastating effect of her sex appeal. This, of course, only adds to her considerable charm. Though the mom of a little girl, it seems she’s a single gal.

rachael ray fhm.jpg

Rachel Ray – She was not always a kitchen babe. Sorry to say, she was a chunky gal once upon a time. Too many of those so-called low fat deep fried raviolis-hah! When was the last time anything soaked in hot oil was low fat? These days R.R. has trimmed the fat, but has retained the heat. For guys who dig the husky voice and the curvy bod, R.R. is your woman.

giada delaurentis chef.jpg

Giada deLaurentiis – She is lovely, and yes, she is the granddaughter of late movie mogul Dino deLaurentiis. Born in Rome, with true authentic Italian flair, Giada is personable, slightly aloof and endearing. She apprenticed at the renowned Cordon Bleu in Paris with cooking notables such as Wolfgang Puck. She has her own cooking TV show,”Giada at Home”, and she is married with a child, but still ranks high on the hotness meter.

ani phyo

Ani Phyo – She is the Vegan Queen. Known for her raw food cuisine, Ani Phyo creates recipes that are wonderful, and besides, she is drop-dead gorgeous. Activist and environmentalist, Ani was one of the chosen vegetarian icons in the advertising for Sambazon Acai’s “Warrior Up” ad campaign. Quite simply, raw foods agree with her, and she looks as ripe and perfect as a peach.