The Fox News Channel is Rupert Murdoch’s baby. His network is clearly the conservative alternative to what he and many of the network’s key operatives believe is an overwhelmingly liberal broadcast media. However, Murdoch’s charges know that hard-line opinions are not the only important aspect when it comes to broadcast personnel. Some of his news anchors bring short skirts and a red-hot persona and looks that may make some of their conservative opinions a bit easier to stomach.

Courtney FrielFriel handles the entertainment desk for Fox and her beautiful smile and blonde hair make it appear that she should be on the red carpet instead of covering those who walk it. Friel has bucket loads of self-confidence and appeal and she has mastered the television requirement of short questions when she engages in give-and-take with her subjects. Prior to coming to Fox, Friel was frequently seen reporting on poker as she hosted the World Poker Tour for the Travel Channel.

Kimberly GuilfoyleGuilfoyle is one of the most frequently seen personalities on the Fox News Channel as she is both a frequent guest on several of the network’s news shows as well as a host and anchor. This former San Francisco and Los Angeles assistant district attorney is a dark-haired stunner who hosts for Live and also anchors on the network’s debate show called The Five. Guilfoyle is quick and clever and is seen frequently on The O’Reilly Factor.

Megyn Kelly — Kelly is the co-anchor of America Live on Fox, which is a two-hour daily show that airs in mid-day. Kelly works with Bill Hemmer, and she also will occasionally host “America’s Newsroom”. The Fox news executives have great confidence in Kelly’s ability to handle herself in breaking news situations. She has covered the 2008 Democratic National Convention, the Duke rape case and Virginia Tech campus shootings. Kelly is a gorgeous blonde who earned a law degree from Albany Law School before venturing into the news business.

Jenna Lee — Lee is the host of Fox News Channel’s Happening Now show with Jon Scott. She came to that position after coming from the Fox Business Network. Lee has fetching eyes and a great smile, but she may be a bit too serious. She rejected the label of “anchor babe” when she was asked about it by the San Jose Mercury News. C’mon Jenna, you don’t have to ruin everyone else’s fun even if your husband is a former Navy SEAL.