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Gossip Girl” focus on a group of privileged teenage girls living in New York City isn’t necessarily bad, but it isn’t exactly breakthrough programming either. The idea behind the show is to put attractive young women on television and put them in position to show off their beautiful faces and breathtaking bodies. Acting talent? Not a requirement for the job. While Kristen Bell is a talented actress on the program who portrays the title role of Gossip Girl, her co-stars are lacking in all-around acting ability.

Blake Lively — There is little doubt that Lively is a super hot woman who looks good in every scene she is in. As Serena van der Woodsen, she plays the role of the hot school girl to the hilt. She can turn any male on with the right look and that’s just what her objective is when she is on screen. However, when it comes to acting ability, Lively is no Natalie Portman. She can play the role of the sexy vamp, but just about any other role is out of her range. If she is asked to think and emote about something other than new clothes or the hot guy, she is out of her depth.

Leighton Meester — There is little doubt that Leighton Meester is one of the hottest young women on television. She plays the role of Blair Waldorf, who is the center of Constance Billard School’s social life. Meester knows how to play that role. When it comes to ruling the roost by anointing up-and-comers and dismissing those who offend her, Meester’s Waldorf has no peers. She is a sensational-looking actress, however she has no range and is ill-equipped to play any other role than the spoiled rich girl.

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Taylor MomsenMomsen is a hot blonde who portrays Jenny Humphrey, a younger girl who wants to fit in with the in-crowd. She doesn’t quite make it because of her Brooklyn roots, but that doesn’t keep her from trying. Humphrey eventually wins some social honors during her senior year, but something is still lacking. Momsen looks great and will often take your breath away, but she needs improvement when it comes to acting.


Jessica Szohr — She plays Vanessa Abrams, the former girlfriend of Dan Humphrey, the show’s resident stud. Abrams is a mysterious-looking woman with hypnotic blue eyes. She can vamp it up and show off her looks, but she’s not a candidate to take on any Shakespearean role. Szohr has also been in such movies as “Piranha” and “Tower Heist”, always playing the hot girl. In “Piranha”, she plays the hot girl who screams, remember?