sideline reporter erin andrews

The value of sideline reporters at sporting events has been questioned for years. When a reporter asks a question of a disinterested football coach who wants to get into the locker room to yell at his players, it often produces little beyond boredom and cliches. However, a good sideline reporter will also get injury information, strategic changes and personnel moves as the game is in progress. ESPN regularly uses sideline reporters who work hard to ask good questions and get important information while looking great at the same time. Here are a few of the hottest.

erin andrews

Erin Andrews. She’s the gold standard of sideline reporters. Andrews is simply a scrumptious woman with long, blonde hair that cascades around her beautiful face. Andrews has an amazing body that she put on display when she did a stint on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” Besides her great looks, Andrews also happens to do her job very well. She asks intelligent questions, and she listens to the responses, which allows her to ask good follow-up questions. Andrews is equally at home on the sidelines or the anchor desk, but few critics give her credit for anything besides looking good. Mark this down to jealousy.

jenn brown football

Jenn Brown. Brown is right from the Erin Andrews School of Broadcasting. Brown has soft brown eyes that draw you in and a great smile. Like Andrews, Brown is a striking blonde woman who operates on the sidelines of ESPN’s Thursday night college football games. She does an earnest job and tries hard, but she gets little information that will help the quality of the broadcast.

samantha steele espn

Samantha Steele. Another blonde stunner, Steele is destined for much bigger things than sideline reporting. She is smart, conversational and very comfortable on the air. Steele is seen on ESPN’s Longhorn Network, which broadcasts Texas college football and basketball events. She worked at the Fox Sports Net before moving onto ESPN, and she could easily move to interview shows if she is motivated to advance in her career.

Cassidy Hubbarth espn

Cassidy Hubbarth. While she is not the most well-known of the ESPN sideline reporters because she is primarily confined to ESPN3, she should move up the ladder quickly. This dark-haired beauty is energetic and good at her job because she asks decent questions and listens for the answers before asking the next question. It doesn’t hurt that she has a ready smile and is incredibly cute. Very lithe and athletic in her appearance, Hubbarth is a hustler who works hard to get solid interviews.