Women can be turned on in an instant by a winning smile or sense of humor, but they can just as instantly be turned off by a few horrid habits and traits. A couple of the traits are easy to fix by simply paying more attention to your hygiene. Others, however, may take a change of heart and practice on your part. The practice might not make you perfect, but at least it could make you tolerable. That is, of course, unless you thoroughly enjoy being single, repulsive and alone.

beckham long dirty hair

Greasy hair. Women don’t care if you are still hanging on to the grunge fad or actually made your hair greasy-looking on purpose by slicking it back with gel; a slimy head just doesn’t cut it. Sure, some women dig a laidback guy, but no gal digs a guy so laidback he forgets to wash his hair. The only things going through a woman’s mind when she sees greasy hair is how disgusting it would be to run her fingers through it or how big a stain your head will make on her satin pillowcase.


Stench. Whether it comes in the form of bad breath, stinky armpits or something that smells like crotch rot, foul odor of any sort is a definite turn-off. This counts if it’s coming from your body, your clothing or your apartment. It’s especially bad if it’s coming from your car trunk, as women will be wont to believe you’re not only a slob, but you may also have a dead body in there.

casanova attitude

Casanova attitude. Even if you’re the hottest thing since cayenne pepper, if you act like you know it, you can kiss your chances goodbye. Women typically prefer guys who are more down-to-earth than holier-than-thou. Nor do they want to hear about the dozens of women you bedded, the hundreds of hearts you broke or how you are sure the waitress is dying to sleep with you.

man eats animals

Animal hating. You don’t have to make coo-chi-coo sounds at every puppy you see, but you do have to have a heart for animals. Guys who hate animals are more likely to hate people, and women don’t like to date men who are surrounded by such negative vibes. Abusing animals is also one of the three warning signs that a person could be a killer. The other two are arson and bed wetting, another couple of things you should probably avoid on your first date if you don’t want women to run screaming for the hills.