Do you wake up with a feeling of dread? You walk into that cold bathroom against your will to get ready for work at the same time as everyone else in America and you meet them out on the freeway creating your favorite thing in the world: traffic. The feeling is especially titillating on Monday mornings. If you dare to take the leap you can drastically improve your quality of life. You can get paid to party. Finding this ideal job is tough but not impossible. Here are four examples.


Vegas VIP Host 

Everyone agrees the party gets better as the number of women start to climb. Nobody, not even the girls, like more guys at the club. The extravagant clubs in Las Vegas know this and hire hosts to make sure the right people are getting in. You will scour the streets for beautiful women during the day and make sure they are coming to your club that night. Hook them up with VIP amenities for a price and get a cut. Walk around the club later that night, making sure everyone is having a good time.


Pub Crawl

In every desirable destination around the world you will find a pub crawl service. The business model is simple: People visiting or locals looking to celebrate a special event hire you. You make arrangements for transportation and have a list of the city's best bars. People show up, get on the bus and you go get drunk with a bunch of strangers who pay you. 


Liquor Rep

If you work for the right company and represent the right liquor, you can get paid to party. You might be in charge of hiring shot girls to travel to different venues with you. It's their job to push the booze on customers and your is job to make sure everyone is having a good time. It's optimal to have some liquor in your cup. You know, for appearances.


Be a Beautiful Woman

Not everyone qualifies for this one, but everyone loves pretty ladies. Extravagant clubs know this and hire patsies to stand in their venues. Model-type women walk around, flirt and get paid. This is especially evident at some topless pools in Las Vegas. Another way to get paid to party as a beautiful woman is to be a professional date: an escort. Get paid to be pampered with free drinks all night.