Your girlfriend‘s friends are going to be a part of her life, period. Typically, there will be four kinds of friends your girlfriend has, and knowing how to deal with each of them will be particularly important. These four friends in particular, above all others, will have you constantly on their radar. Dealing with them effectively is going to be a must if you want to develop a lasting relationship with your lady.

The best friend.  


Also known as her best friend forever, or “BFF,” this particular friend is the most important of all her friends. It is imperative that you get this particular friend on your side. He or she will be the one your girlfriend turns to for everything. The best friend is the sounding board, so this friend has to see that you have your lady’s best interests at heart. This friend also needs to know that you’ll take care of your girlfriend. You don’t have to be a push over or a punk, but you need to show the best friend, without a doubt, exactly how cool you are. That coolness should extend to the best friend as well. Your girlfriend can brag about you all day, but it means nothing if her friend doesn’t see it. Establishing a friendship with the best friend is the best way to have that friend cosign for you during any “iffy” times in your relationship.

The jealous friend.


Yes, all women in relationships have a bitter friend that isn’t in a relationship herself. How do you handle this friend? Simple. Go out of your way to be nice to her. When this chick does little underhanded things to you, and she will if she’s jealous, just roll with it. Make it a point to kill her with kindness. If she’s jealous because she doesn’t have a guy, enlist one of your friends to pay attention to her. But, always, always, always be nice to her. Worst case scenario, your girl will eventually pick up on her friend’s negativity and you’ll come out smelling like roses because you’ve been nice the entire time.

The judgmental friend.


This is the friend that thinks no one is good enough to date her buddy. Once again, it’s just a matter of proving her wrong. She’ll probe and interrogate you about life, goals, money and all of that. The best way to handle her is to stand your ground. Don’t let her break you. Don’t get offended. Let her say what she needs to say, respond, and keep it moving. Consistency is the best policy here. If she doesn’t like what you’re doing in life, don’t try to explain yourself. Simply keep your eyes on your goals and prove her wrong. You’ll win her over, eventually.

The lame male friend.


You know the guy. This is the dude that’s been in love with your girlfriend since they were six years old. This is the guy that never had the stones to talk to her. Chances are, this kid just isn’t going to like you. Unless, you can help him out of that emotionally fatal rut he’s in. Much like the best friend (he very well could be the best friend), you need to establish a working friendship with him. In order to do that, however, you must get his eyes off of your woman, and on to some other girls. Get him to hang out with you and your friends and get him around some women. Chances are he’s never had that happen. Get him hooked up, while playing the angel role, and you’re golden. This kid will be singing your praises in no time.