4 Kinds Of Shoes Every Man Should Own



Buying shoes can be a tortuous activity for a man. You see, us males, have a very short attention span and you need to know exactly what type of footwear you are looking for, and how it will look alongside your choice of attire before parting with your hard-earned money for the item. But there are some shoes that every male needs. So, here are four kinds of shoes every man should own.



Converse. Converse are probably the most popular item of footwear in the world, and basically anyone from your mother to your brother owns a pair. But despite their infamy, you still need to own them, because they literally go with anything.  Get on it.



Brogue. Utterly timeless, the brogue can be worn in accordance with any kind of style, whether you are looking to come across as a laid-back so-in-so, a preppy student, or are trying to spruce up a suit that you own. Literally they can be worn with anything.



Sneaker. Sneakers will always be in style. They can be chic or athletic, and fit any particular line of clothing. You can wear them with jeans or even, if you’re brave, with a suit, to bring a laid-back manner to your sophistication.  As long as you keep them clean though. As soon as a speck of dirt hits them, they immediately lose their appeal!



Black Oxford. This versatile shoe is a classic and is essential for any man attending a wedding, funeral, or an event when you need to look sharp. Just make sure that you buff them repeatedly, to the point that you can see your face in them.



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