Not all sexual experiences have to feel like a workout. On Sunday mornings, the last thing either of you want to do is try the latest BDSM move, which is why we’ve come up with a list of the best positions for when you want to get off but don’t feel like putting in too much work.

The next time you’re feeling super horny but also super tired, try these feel-good moves, guaranteed to give you the most orgasm with the least amount of effort.

1. Spooning
We all know cuddling has some pretty amazing health benefits, so combining a solid snuggle session with sex is the ultimate win-win. While you’re holding her, enter her from behind (with consent, of course). You’ll feel super connected and it’ll feel incredible.

2. Turtle
This variation of doggy style requires her to get into child’s pose—you know that lazy yoga move that feels so good. This will allow you to go deeper without having to thrust as hard for it. It’s also not a bad view for you.

3. The Spider Web
Although this may sound complicated, it’s not. Each of you has to lay on your sides facing each other, and she has to scissor her legs through yours. This allows your bodies to be super close so, again, you can go deeper. Try circular motions rather than thrusts to really make her moan.

4. Tight Squeeze
She has to lay on her stomach with her legs straight out and crossed at her ankles. Her arms can either be by her side or sprawled out above her head. Straddle your legs over hers and lay on her back, using your elbows to hold you up a bit so you’re not putting all of your weight on her. As she clenches her thighs, penetrate her from behind—all while laying down.

Photo: iStock/Jacob Ammentorp Lund