Those of you that have followed my site over the last few years have known that I think domain names are hot property. The latest beachfront are 4 letter .coms. The 3 letter .coms that went for 3-5 thousand dollars two years ago now sell from 8 thousand up. Even junk ones sell for that low range. Now investors have moved on to 4 letters.

They presently go for $100 for the junk names, $2,000 for “pronounceable” names, and up from there for names that are generic words. The reason for the big move in prices is the fact that every 4 letter .com has been purchased. There are none left at all. I have recently been purchasing pronounceable names over the last few months and have watched the names increase in value 25% in that short amount of time. I believe I will be able to have 400% gains or more on most of my purchases with very little risk. God makes more people but he doesn’t make more .coms.