Anyone who thinks that dating is simple hasn’t had to find a date in quite some time. Just the act of finding a date is tricky enough, never mind the actual date itself which can range in stress levels from “stressful” to “super stressful.” And dating is even trickier if what you’re bringing to the table is less than enticing to the opposite sex. But what if there was a way around those shortcomings, however temporary they may be? Enter the life hack, those ingenious short-cuts which let you achieve desired results with minimal effort. But what hacks should you use to improve your dating? Read on for you answers!



1. Rental Car. This is a tried and true staple life hack. It can be tough to land a respectable date when you’re cruising around in an old Ford Pinto. The ladies aren’t going to swoon over your rusty Festiva. But go ahead and rent yourself a Rolls Royce and see what kind of a reaction you get. As much as some women deny it, a nice car says a lot about a man’s datability. It’ll cost a few bucks, but hey, it’s cheaper and easier than buying a Rolls, right?


alexander amosu suit.jpg

2. Dress the Part. The guy at the bar wearing a stained tank-top with shorts and flip-flops probably isn’t going to turn many heads. Sure, you might be an interesting, sensitive, wonderful guy, but if you dress like a bum no one’s going to bother to find out. Besides, you’re looking for a date, not a wife. Save a few bucks and invest in some sweet threads. One suit, well-tailored, a bootleg watch that looks expensive, and some shiny shoes and you’ve got a life hack that will take you from zero to hero. Combine this with hack number one for maximum effect.



3. Hang Out With the High Rollers. The casino is a place that’s prime for picking up dates. People say “money talks” for a reason. It’s true, at least in some cases. Just because you can barely afford the gas to get to the casino shouldn’t prohibit you from enjoying some of the benefits of spending big in the casino. The life hack goes like this: put on your best clothes, stand around the high-stakes craps table, and pretend you know the guy with the biggest stack. Share a drink with him–they’re free, you know, celebrate when he wins big, and generally act like you’re a high roller too. People want to be where the action is, and that’s the beauty of this hack. You’re a part of the action, only you’re not, and before anyone finds out you’re already securing a date and a late-night rendezvous.


bounty hunter.jpg

4. Use a Phony Profession. Your career can be very telling when it comes to picking up dates. A fry cook won’t be as interesting as, say, a jet-setting playboy. Now, lying is wrong, but this isn’t about right and wrong. Using a life hack for dating is about “love,” of the physical type. And a cool job is a key hack. For instance, when a girl asks you what you do, why not say you’re a bounty hunter? It’s cool, dangerous, she assumes you’re tough and can keep her safe, and it requires virtually no proof. Oh sure, she’ll catch on eventually, but by then the thrill is gone anyway. And therein lies the beauty of the life hack–a temporary shortcut for a temporary relationship!