With the increasing popularity of the TV show “Mad Men“, on AMC, more and more made men are deciding whether or not they should wear the styles worn by their favorite characters. However, just because something looks good on the character Don Draper in the 1960s, that doesn’t mean that it will look good today. All it takes is one wrong move and your outfit will look more like a Halloween costume than a style worth hitting the town in. Keep it classy, don’t overdo the look, and try out one of these 4 Mad Men styles to show people that you’re a made man.

don draper hat.jpg

Wear fedoras sparingly and only when the time is right. Don Draper might wear a fedora on a daily basis, but he also wears a designer suit on a daily basis. Matching a fedora with a t-shirt will make you look more like a hipster than a made man. So keep the fedora for special occasions, such as a visit to the fanciest of restaurants.

pete cambell slim suit.jpg

Wear form fitting styles, along with a skinny tie. This might cost you a bit more, since you’ll need to have your suits tailored, but it will pay off by demonstrating that you’re a man that knows something about style. A suit that’s too tight is just a bad as a sagging suit, so hit the gym and settle on an ideal size before transforming your wardrobe.

roger sterling coordination.jpg

Go out of your way to avoid flashiness. A gray suit with a gray vest and a black tie might not seem exciting, but it has an air of seriousness to it that a made man needs. If there’s one consistent style to take from Mad Men, it’s to not get cute with your outfit.

don draper sunglasses.jpg

Accessorize with neutral items that don’t distract from the style as a whole. A pair of sunglasses or a nice watch should match your overall color scheme and should not stand out. And when it comes to hair gel, less is better than more. If a woman is scared to touch your hair, you’ve overdone it.