In light of the recent financial crisis, it might be prudent to take a look at some of Merrill Lynch’s bold claims made in its commercials. Given that the company can no longer stay afloat without Bank of America, it seems like all those ‘strength to be there’/’bullish on America’ slogans were just crap from their mascot.

1.) This one is bizarre, but from it I can gather that Thomas is friends with the Merrill Lynch bull. I wonder if that kid is still alive? (BTW, the first kid, Icabod, with the doilies and lipstick on is a young Ken Lewis, BofA CEO. I think…)

2.) Their power to ‘Weather The Storm’ is now harshly disputed. That barn was probably foreclosed too, due to some sub-prime mortgage related issues.

3.) Maybe Merrill should have taken the ‘crow putting pebbles in the pitcher’ approach to it’s CDO/mortgage exposure, rather than the ‘knock the pitcher down the well and fly into a glass door’ technique it actually employed.

4.) Skip to 1:05 to watch a really old Merrill Lynch ad. Ironically, it’s about an old woman trying to keep her house.

Got any other Merrill, Lehman, or Bank of America ad spots that don’t seem to fit with the current financial crisis? Let us know.