There is a nutrition bar for every type of man and every type of workout, and each of these nutrition bars will be sure to get you jacked. Different men need to get jacked in different ways. For example, you won’t want to pack on the calories if you’re trying to lose weight. On the other hand, someone trying to bulk up can handle the extra calories, with their main focus being on protein. Nutrition bars also vary, with some getting you jacked before a workout, and other that get you jacked after a workout.


PowerBar. The PowerBar is a classic that has been around long before most bars that are now on the market. They will not only give you the protein you need to get jacked after a workout, but they are easily found in many stores and don’t cost as much as some of the more specialized protein bars. The standard bars will be a few bucks, while the more protein specialized bars will cost about a dollar more. The actual protein that the bars offer are mainly whey and soy based.


Clif Bar. With its organic ingredients and whole grains, the Clif Bar may be the most versatile of energy bars. It has protein and fiber and other health benefits that make for the perfect breakfast or snack, even if you are not working out that day. They also comes in so many flavors that just about any guy will be able to find one he likes. Cliff Bars are cheap, costing a little more than a dollar, with even more savings if you buy an entire box. The oats provide much of the fiber in each bar, while soy protein helps your muscles recover. They’re also sweetened with brown rice syrup instead of a heavy dose of sugar.


Balance Bars.The benefit of these nutrition bars are in the name, with just the right amount of each nutrient to fill the needs of any type of man. By combining nutrients, Balance Bars will get you jacked, while also sustaining energy. They use dairy product to provide much of the protein, with some soy and other sugars added, costing less than two dollars a bar in most stores. 


Larabar. The Larabar is effective because of how simple and natural it is, giving men who are trying to lose weight a way to get jacked. Unlike bars the add many ingredients to overtake the taste of the protein and fiber, the Larabar is made with mostly fruits and nuts, which allow it to be quickly absorbed and turned into energy. The main base of the Larabar is dates, which is a healthy fruit that doesn’t take too much away from the flavor itself, and also provide a chewy texture. By using whole foods, the Larabar gives you the chance to knock out most of your fruit for the day for around $1.50.